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CoinsExports LTD is a diversified investment company established in 2019 with company number No.12678553, headquartered in the United Kingdom. The fields we are involved in include: cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, stock market and ICOs. We have a team of experts, traders and analysts from a wide range of investment industries, all of whom have more than 5 years of experience in their respective industries, and Has very deep experience in investment transactions. At the same time, we have an advanced AI and big data analysis system, combined with the current and past BTC transaction price, volume and K-line amplitude, we will give the most appropriate advice, coupled with experienced investment experts, we believe this will It is the best combination, so that our investors' funds will not have any risk, and we will provide safe and stable profits.

Up to now, 80% of Bitcoin has been mined, and only 3 million have not been mined. Therefore, if ordinary people want to mine, they will have to pay a higher price and the profit will be lower. We believe that in the future Bitcoin investment transactions will It will be the mainstream, but if you dont understand professional knowledge and investment strategies, we recommend that you cooperate with our platform. You only need to wait for a while after investing, and you can get profits without any risk.

CoinsExports.com is a very simple and easy-to-use investment platform. You only need to register, invest, wait and withdraw funds. All dividends can be withdrawn in these four steps. The minimum investment is only $30 and the minimum withdrawal amount is only $ 0.1, please refer to the diagram below.

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Registered UK Company

Our company is a legal incorporated in the United Kingdom.Company NO. 12019756

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Min deposit only $30, min withdraw is $0.1. You can withdraw instantly at any time.

Safety Protection

DDOS and SSL will secure your accounts and funds.There is no financial risk.

Risk Management

Our risk management and data analysis system controls all transactions.


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